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Relieve the Madness
of Finding, Applying to,
and Paying for College

As homeschooling moms going through the college admissions process with our own children and those of our friends and family, we experienced first hand the frustrations, disappointments, and trap doors that so commonly characterize this process. So many students and parents experience the consequences, sometimes sever, of pin-balling their way through choosing, applying to, and paying for college.

We were used to doing exhaustive research, figuring things out for ourselves, and blazing our own paths in an effort to find a better way. The result was a curriculum that, while engineered from a homeschooling perspective, helps any family easily understand and navigate the highly complex college admissions process and get the best results for themselves– academically, socially, and financially.

We have grown into a robust website,,  that offers lots of free resources and articles.

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Apply to College With Purpose!

Get Educated About the College Admissions Process!

We provide comprehensive, accurate, up-to-date information, tools, resources and guidance — everything you need to get the job done right, including a whole lot that is often left out of the conversation.

Understand How the Different Parts of the Process are Entangled! 

Don’t walk through the college admissions process step-by-step or you can end up with disappointing or even crushing results. You need to know how each step you take will affect those along the way.


So you end up where you want to go — academically, socially, AND financially!

We call this APPLYING WITH PURPOSE and it will save you time, heartache, and thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars in overall college costs.


A Comprehensive Set of Online, On-Demand College Admissions Video Courses

Get the most important information every college-bound family should know!  

Our courses are:

  • Clear, comprehensive, affordable
  • Easy to use and access on any device
  • Presented in bite-sized chunks
  • Include companion workbooks filled with a wealth of electronically-fillable worksheets, information summaries, and handy links and resources.
  • Come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Check out our Courses and see what College Admissions HQ can do for you!

Making the Right College List

Completing Outstanding Applications

Untangling College Financial Aid

Paying for College

Making Your Final Decision

Choose colleges that are truly right for you academically, socially, and financially.
Turn your application into a powerful argument for acceptance.
Navigate college financial aid with confidence and identify strategies to reduce your overall college costs!
Stitch together an effective patchwork of college funding that is attuned to your financial resources, needs, and values.
Get the insights you need to help you choose the best college for you to attend.
  • ASCA Certified College Admissions Specialists
  • Members Pennsylvania Association of College Admission Counselors
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