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Starter Package Program

Our Starter Program consists of four hour-long lessons, along with all of the essentials to begin riding (a helmet, gloves, and paddock boots) as well as a Crimson t-shirt for a one-time fee of $299. This package is great for anyone new to the equestrian sport. In your lessons, you will learn everything from grooming to tacking up and un-tacking and of course riding!

Beginner Lessons

If you have finished our Starter Program or would like to begin riding for fun then our beginner lessons are perfect to help you improve your skills!

Intermediate Lessons

If you are already riding dressage at the training level and/or jumping over two feet then our Intermediate lessons are the perfect place to improve your riding skills. Our advanced trainers will work with you on the areas that you want to work on so that you are the best rider that you can be!

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