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We know it can be difficult finding homeschool friendly products & services for your family. Homeschoogle was designed with the needs of a homeschooling parent in mind. Homeschoogle puts an array of educational resources at your fingertips – information about field trip ideas, online learning, college & universities, and much more!

What Makes Homeschoogle Unique?

Homeschoogle allows companies and service providers to post information that homeschooling parents need in a controlled, up-to-date, revolutionary fashion. For the first time, in one place, homeschooling parents can receive up-to-date information and companies/service providers can update information in real time.

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Homeschool support groups, co-ops, state agencies, libraries and any other organized homeschool organizations are invited to register at no cost. Keep your groups up to date! Change information as often as needed. Click here to register.

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